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 PortFolio Space 

PortFolio Space is an art space dedicated to artsts’ portfolios. Every month an artist presents his/her portfolio at PortFolio Space.

Art space, Portfolio Space is curated by Camille Laurelli.

The portfolio is the key for understanding, to get into the artist territory, and into her/his practice. It must be a retrospective dialogue between the works, an exhaustive compilation of artworks reflecting a singular manner, style or behaviour. Basically a document to understand everything about someone.

 June 2018 


Pierre Courtin lives and works in Sarajevo and Paris. He has graduated from École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC). He is working mainly with the activist artistic scene from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Courtin is the founder and artistic director of Duplex 100m2 in Sarajevo. Curating exhibitions and collecting art works are main parts of his artistic practice.

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