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 PortFolio Space 

PortFolio Space is an art space dedicated to artsts’ portfolios. Every month an artist presents his/her portfolio at PortFolio Space.

Art space, Portfolio Space is curated by Camille Laurelli.

The portfolio is the key for understanding, to get into the artist territory, and into her/his practice. It must be a retrospective dialogue between the works, an exhaustive compilation of artworks reflecting a singular manner, style or behaviour. Basically a document to understand everything about someone.

 June 2019 


Morgane Baffier is a french artist. The characteristic trait of her work is that, humor, in all its various forms, is extremely present. It usually sets a cynical, ironic and sometimes provocative tone.  Her goal is to come up with a form of tension in what she creates, to construct a paradox that is both childish and poetic at the same time.  She is also curating ARS Showcase until June 2019

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