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“The Greenhouses and a Balloon” by Kadri Toom

On Friday, 5th of May at 5 pm Kadri Toom will open her solo exhibition titled "The Glasshouses and a Balloon" at Vaal Gallery. The exhibition will remain open until 27th of May.

The exhibition “The Greenhouses and a Balloon” invites you into an imaginary space where various layers, spreads and planes pass through the gallery. It is a mix of the unknown, the mysterious, the unexpected, the undiscovered depths and the notion of creating simulated environments. The exhibited artworks reflect a human endeavour to intervene in, design and imitate natural processes. There are hints of designed landscapes, hybrid compositions of vegetation and architectonics, imitation of the biota, the tropics and the desire for design. Kadri Toom's graphic views form a silhouette of a landscape on the horizon that plays with architectonics, architecture and mutated vegetation.

The exhibition space is transformed into a simulacrum and is accompanied by Johanna Kivimägi's sound composition.

Kadri Toom (b 1984) is an artist whose practice focuses on experimental contemporary printmaking. She is fascinated by themes related to space, silence, emptiness and momentary. In addition to combining printmaking, painting and photography, the artist exhibits her artworks through installation techniques. Kadri Toom graduated from the Painting Department of the Pallas University of Applied Sciences in 2006 and from the Printmaking Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2009. She has been awarded "Printmaker of the Year 2021" and an incentive award of “Wiiralt Prize 2022" by the Association of Estonian Printmakers and nominated for the Kristjan Raud Art Award and the AkzoNobel Art Prize.

The artist would like to thank the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, and the Association of Estonian Printmakers.

Additional information:

Vaal Gallery

Tel: +372 5302 8766


Telliskivi 60A/5, Tallinn

Tue–Fri 12.00–18.00

Sat 12.00–16.00


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