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Exhibition “Expectations of the End”

You are invited to the opening of a group exhibition titled Expectations of the End on the 5th of August at 18:00 that takes place at Viljandi Old Water Tower. The exhibition will remain open until 31st of August.

Four artists look into the future at a safe haven called Viljandi Old Water Tower from 5th of August 2022: Egle Ehtjen, Kelli Gedvil, Hanna-Liisa Lavonen and Helle Ly Tomberg with their exhibition Expectations of the End.

They explore how to relate to a world that is ending. Denial, fear, grief or reconciliation is on the table. You can also feel joy and wonder. One can be viewed from humanly close or cosmically far.

The end of the world is getting closer every minute. Reality as we know it is stretched to the breaking point, there is no sense of security and there is a bittersweet smell of ozone in the air. The world around us is in active war, society is crumbling, climate change and everything that comes with paints the future in very hopeless tones.

The feeling of being surrounded by global disasters as well as personal tragedies that shatter our personal core, have followed people forever. We have been born into these conditions, carry that fragile and heavy weight around daily knowingly that there is more ahead. Any catastrophe hasn’t been the last of its kind.

The future depends on self.

Viljandi Old Water Tower is located on Johan Laidoner square 5 The exhibition is open from 5.08 - 31.08 From Mon - Sun 11AM - 18PM

Our thanks: Marek Gedvil, Leegi Kiis, Svetlana ja Johannes Lavonen, Ian-Smon Märjama, Kristen Rästas, Sten Saarits, Jan Viilma, Tiina Vändre.

Graphic design: Henri Kutsar

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia


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