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ARS Showroom #043: „Radiaator ´22“

Radio art festival Radiaator ‘22 is a continuation of the festival by the same name, held on March 17 and 18 in 2011 in Tallinn at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia as part of the Tallinn 2011 Culture Capital of Europe project. Radiaator ‘22 is an artistic platform that utilises radio as concept and technology to give voice to original and experimental creative output. Radiophonic art can be seen as a form of sonic activity which explores radio in the framework of experimentation and social interaction. For the duration of Radiaator ‘22 in 2022, LokaalRaadio has set up an installative radio space, which in its physical presence is housed at ARS Art Factory Showroom Gallery for two weeks. At this time anyone can enter during the visiting hours of the gallery and become part of the live radio space which is streamed continuously to the LokaalRaadio server. The gallery houses a radio installation and other technical equipment which lets the visitor adjust it to their liking - the microphones can be repositioned, radios tuned to other preferred frequencies and there’s a separate microphone for speaking voice. In addition to this sometimes with the help of a speaker system interventions occur by an entity we call The Other Voice. Live-stream is on air 24 hours at

Get On Air: Radiaator ‘22 ARS Art Factory Showroom Gallery Pärnu Rd. 154, Tallinn Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat 12pm-4pm

LokaalRaadio - Katrin Essenson, Raul Keller, Hello Upan


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