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ARS Showroom #042: Keiu Maasik “A Ghost Story”

ARS Showroom Gallery 5.09–7.10.2022 (Mon–Fri 12–18)

The video work in the exhibition “A Ghost Story” tells the story of a son and father that took place in an old rally game. It is a story about how a piece of somebody can be stored virtually and somehow live on, although the technology is not yet very advanced in that respect.

Keiu Maasik (1992) is an artist based in Tallinn. She has degrees in Photography (BA) and Contemporary Art (MA) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. In 2019 she was awarded the Estonian Academy of Arts’ Young Artist Award (MA) and in 2018 the Wiiralt scholarship. In her work, she has previously explored themes such as the impact of documentation on memory, identity and interpersonal relationships.

Graphic design: Diandra Rebase The artist’s gratitude goes to: Madis Kurss, Karel Koplimets, Kaisa Maasik he exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Artists' Association


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