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When time no longer flows, it wells up and pools without a rim

ARS Project Space 17.06.–16.07.2023

Mo–Fr 12–18, Sa–Su 12–16

23rd to 24th of June the exhibition is closed.

On Friday, June 16 at 18:00 we celebrate the opening of a group exhibition When time no longer flows, it wells up and pools without a rim curated by Mariliis Rebane. The exhibition connects artworks by Diego Bruno, Freja Bäckman, Piibe Kolka, Kaarina-Sirkku Kurz, and Ingel Vaikla into a loosely associated constellation.

As the title suggests, the exhibition is an invitation to engage with ideas that view time as a stretched out continuous present. In their subject matter, the exhibited works spread in various directions as they transcend a single current and approach an array of contemporary concerns. Although the time-based works do not explicitly deal with the question of time, their mediums—video, photography and sound, amongst others—capture some of the ways in which time is currently seen, experienced, and conceptualised. The curatorial aim of the exhibition has been to complicate the division between past and present, as well as old and new. This is attempted, for example, through questioning and re-evaluating ideas around progress and linear narratives.

The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

The exhibition is installed by Valge Kuup. The graphic materials have been designed by Kersti Heile. The exhibition is supported by the Kone Foundation, Finnish Institute in Estonia, Estonian Artists' Association. The opening of the exhibition is supported by Põhjala Brewing.

For more information please contact:

Curator of the exhibition

Mariliis Rebane

+358 (0) 45 78 363 887


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