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“Waiting is when time is always in excess and when time is nevertheless short” by Tarvo Varres

Tartu Art House 04.08.–03.09.2023

In this exhibition, the artist continues to move along the trajectory of site-specific text-based installations. The central idea of the exhibition is the seemingly universal and somewhat paradoxical motif of “waiting”.

Similar to the personal exhibition “The Shadow of Time” held at the Hobusepea gallery at the end of last year, the works of this exhibition - both sculptural and conceptual text-objects - are formed from Maurice Blanchot's sentences, selected by the artist, but here focusing on the motif of “waiting” instead of the concepts of “self” and “time” in the previous exhibition.

Waiting, whose nature is based on both abundance and lack, is one of the primary ways of existing in time and relating to time. Whether it is an impatiently hopeful thirst for what lies ahead, or an anticipatory uncertainty and anxious ignorance of some vague inevitability, there is generally no escape from waiting. Dealing with it, to a greater or lesser extent, is absolutely necessary on practically a daily basis.


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