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The One in the Middle

22.-24.04.2022, 12.00-17.00

ARS Art Factoty, Studio 53/98

Opening at 9 pm on 21 April.

Zane Dombrovska’s room installation “All My Mothers” is an audiovisual compositsion for piano, cello, space and seven projectors to tell the story how innocent intentions turn imprints into the permanent scars. Each self-portrait is representing one separate theme: PEACE – when my mother caress my head VOICE – when my mother teaches me to sing SHAPE – when my mother makes me beautiful MANIPULATION – when my mother cries through my eyes BLESSING – when my mother prays AGGRESSION – when my mother can’t control herself LOVE – when my mother loves me too much.

Black-and-white photo series by EAMT students Triin Brigitta Heidov, Rebeca Žukovitš, Harmo Kallaste, Valerio Galadini, Gregorio Dalla Costa.

Free enctrance.

COMMUTE#4 18-23.04.2022

COMMUTE (COMposition and MUsic TEchnology) is a festival of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, which focuses on sound, visual and music technology. This spring, the festival is taking place for the fourth time


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