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Patient, Portal, Creative Monsters and many more

Supersonicum and Artfactory ARS present: Patient, Portal, Creative Monsters and many more.

On Sunday 13, an amazing bunch of sound artists will gather into ARS project room. You all are kindly asked to join us! The event starts at 17.00.

Line´up is prominent!

Program: Renzo van Steenbergen and Kristjan Pütsep - installation “Portal”. Authors will present first prototype of upcoming installation “Portal”. You will be the first witnesses of test-run of artpiece in future, described by authors as "developing and interactive environment where seven machines will controlling vibrations of sound and image in space."

Post Horn - presentation of LP “Patient” and concert. Post Horn will publish their second LP “Patient” MKDKLP0041, recorded on 2020-2021 in ARS at the studio 313. Total amount only 140 numbered copies with hand-made silk-printed covers. You can buy vinyls and if lucky, true feinschmeckers can have also T-shirts! Andrus Aaslaid - sound performance “Droned off lab on shortwave”.

Mad professor is back to shift time and space, using generators and shortwave radio equipment. Nothing of his equipment have beed created for making music. Post-Horn - short movie “Creative Monsters aka Microdosing Sound”. 20 minutes long black and white movie with sound in 16 mm format. It has been shot in 2012-2015 and edited in 2020.

Sten Saarits - audiovisual performance “The Message Is the Medium”. Author will improvise with soundscape, created by method of opening too much browser-tabs and playing them simultaneously. It´s meditative! Strongly recommended by author!

Erik Alalooga - noise-spa “The Landscape with Unstable Horizon”. Interactive machine-mural of five mechanical sound instruments, connected into circle. Only launching human touch is missing!

Put 5 eur into pocket!


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