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Music Festival for Brave Ear

Supersonicum and Artfactory ARS presents. Music Festival for Brave Ear June 19 and 20 in Artfactory ARS, Tallinn

Once upon a time (2016 – 2018) there used to be a sound-art and experimental music gallery Supersonicum in Viljandi. After a few years of progressive laziness we are witnessing an epic come-back of Supersonicum as a hobo-gallery. During new wave it will temporaily take over different alternative locations, transforming them into Supersonicum. First invasion will be performed in soviet time hangar, where skillful craftsmen once executed artpieces of butterfingers-artists. I know, because i witnessed it!

One day ticket 5 eur, two days ticket 8 eur. Only cash and at the door.

Lineup is prominent. J

une 19, at 6 pm. Väckstage Raul Keller Punkt Nihu Sten Saarits Kiwanoid Hello Uppan Postinstrumentum Compound Minerals

June 20, at 3 pm Gregor Pankert Mihkel Ilus Taavi Suisalu Renzo Von Steinburger eleOnora Aivar Tõnso DJ Nextrax

Event is supported by: Estonian Artist Association/Artfactory ARS, Estonian Culture Endowment, Estonian Academy of Arts, Rae Kultuurikeskus, Raul Keller and many private supporters!


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