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Maureen Marck “Beneath a Known Sky”

ARS Showroom gallery 6.08.–01.09.2021 (Mon–Fri 12–18)

The work Beneath a Known Sky was made by Maureen Marck during a residency at ARS Keraamikakeskus in February and March earlier this year. She worked with sinisavi (blue clay) from Aseri, which is usually sourced for bricks. Inspired by modes of manual activation of and manual contact with objects, around 300 modular pieces were formed by hand. Four different shapes can be combined in several ways to build unknown structures with. Please feel free to touch the pieces, to combine them and to even take them home.

The installation comes with a small folded publication in which Maureen brings together different research sources, which is free to take.

Maureen Marck is an artist from the Netherlands. Her sculptures and installations regularly involve clay and ceramics. In her work she uses repetition, playfulness and fiction as tools to reflect upon matter, human behaviour and the human made world, often aiming to imagine it differently.

This work was made possible by the support of Stichting van Achterbergh-Domhof, Wienerberger and the Estonian Ceramics Association.


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