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Marko Mäetamm “They Say”

Maksla XO Gallery invites you to the opening of Marko Mäetamm's new exhibition – on Thursday, 3rd of November, 2022, from 17:00–20:00


“The inspiration for making the series THEY SAY comes, similarly to most of my other works, from real life. As a freelance artist, sales are always important to me. And as a sensitive person I don’t feel too comfortable when the buyer starts to bargain and argue about the deal and say things I particularly don’t like to hear. Yet at the same time this is a part of being an artist – you do your thing, put it out in public and just get ready for what happens next. From the beginning of my career till today I have heard people saying very different commentaries about why they cannot, unfortunately, buy my work. I say ‘unfortunately’ because it usually starts something like: I really like this work BUT… So I started to collect these commentaries one day. This series is a selection of some of the most beautiful explanations about what is wrong with the work they would actually really like to buy.” – Marko Mäetamm, 2022.

Marko Mäetamm is one of the most prominent contemporary Estonian artists, he has twice represented Estonian National Pavillon at the Venice Art Biennale, and is endowed with sincere, witty black humor.

The exhibition is open until December 3.

Additional information: Maksla XO Gallery Tel: +371 2948 2098 E-mail: Elizabetes str. 14. RIGA. LV 1010 Mon–Sat 12.00–18.00 Photo: Marko Mäetamm. They say. 2021, acrylic on paper, 70x100 cm


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