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Maria Kapajeva’s “Loose Photos, Odds and Ends”

On 9 March at 17pm two solo exhibitions will open at Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery, one of which is Maria Kapajeva’s “Loose Photos, Odds and Ends”.

Eight years ago, Maria Kapajeva came across a few old photographs online for sale. ''This was quite a random purchase for me. An American dealer who runs an online shop selling old images from all over the world agreed to put together 'a collection' of photographs, which he thought might be from Estonia. So, this is how this 105-piece collection of “loose photos, odds and ends” (according to the collector's description) ended up in my hands. In his message he added 'I am so glad these photos are '“going home”, so to speak'. I had no knowledge of the images or how they ended up in the US. At the end of 2021, when I started to prepare for this exhibition, I tried to contact the collector again, but I learned that he had unexpectedly died a week before. It was sad to realize that I had had those eight years to ask him questions, but I had not and now I could not. So, I hope with the help of visitors to the exhibition, I can get answers to some of my questions.'' Additional information


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