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Lembe Ruben "DISTANCE"

19.01.–7.02.2022 ARS Factory Project Space

Open Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat 12-16

Creative processes are similar in human created things and nature. The structure of being from the micro level to the spiritual level is schematically similar. This structure is formed by the properties of the distance between the particles. A small change in density in a pattern can completely change the code - that's the wonderful nature of creation.

In the work, there is an important place for that, what does not exist. The whole is formed from the breaks between the rhythms, but also from the lost layers, the rounded structure - only clues remain. The perfect work is like a worn - out lace curtain - we perceive the sequence of the pattern, although we do not see the missing places. We perceive something that does not exist. The perception of structure in our head restores missing patterns. This makes the work enjoyable, because the task is easy for the brain.

The artist makes clear-cutting in the forest, where only a few trees remain. The viewer-listener gets an emotion from the work about the sad lack of missing trees and puts them back in the spirit eye - he creates his world. The whole work comes together in our head through personal feelings and experiences. There is something that did not exist before, something that cannot be touched or measured.

The missing part of the structure is important, which makes fantasy work. Emptiness - the cleansing state structures the patterns of our senses.

The distance between the particles - the non-particle determines the result. The secret of creation is in encoding the structure / tuning the soul until "this something" emerges from emptiness. The trigger of the creative process is the meeting of resonant levels. In art, the creative spirit and the inspiring phenomenon of life meet, in the universe the atoms meet to create a new structure. Different angles (layers) form patterns of different densities. Layering two surfaces with very simple structures creates very complex new structures. It is the miracle of any creation - to structure matter so that a new marvellous value is created.

Anthropologist Jeremy Narby characterizes the creative idea and the moment of scientific discovery as a stereo image. When you look at the sea of stereo dots with a sharp eye, you don't see anything. However, letting the gaze loosen (shifting the focus) creates a three-dimensional image. The moment of inspiration is like the appearance of a three-dimensional image in a stereo image. The shift in focus takes place in our head at the moment of creation - as we distance ourselves from the rational level, the subconscious truth is accessed. Creation based on intuition is usually deeper than rational construction. Many scientific discoveries also come from beyond rationality. A researcher can spend several months in a laboratory and analyze endless data, but then come to a flash of ideas, whether he is riding a bike, dreaming, browsing in memory, sitting in a bath - if he is not focused.

Creation is necessary for us to get closer to the essence of truth and to explain things to ourselves. Creation is a basic human need that most adults ignore without knowing it. Birth has given us a crazy wealth - a creativity that turns discord into metaphors. Man is a creature that constantly produces symbols. We do not know what our bodies know or what symbols require us to survive. If we do not release these symbols, they will be stored in our physical condition or even manifest as illnesses.

Creativity can also be used to influence creation - to visualize the future or to get rid of the pressures of the past. Time distance changes the nature of things. Childhood trauma can be released into a powerful work, but it can also create chaos and destruction.

Creation saves humanity. Reorganizing the structure of society leads to totalitarianism. Control and sowing fear lose spontaneity and creativity because people are placed in an organized, rigorous system. Czech President Vaclav Havel suggested building "parallel structures" or creation to prevent totalitarianism. The purpose of creation is to get rid of such a strict order.

Researchers use scientific information to translate scientific data into music to make their structures easier to understand. The structure of the spike protein is encoded by US researchers as an enjoyable sound work. Audiovisual or visual visualization is also the key to the solution in many therapies. With the help of creation, the distances between different phenomena merge into nothingness.

The structure of being is all around us and around us - a unique repetition in different states. This is the endless morse of the world. It is the task of our lives to learn to understand this. Nature gives us clues - the right schemes of being, for those who want to read it. Our ancestors have manipulated reality through patterns. Theories talk about deliberately woven errors in the pattern to improve reality.

The change of distance between objects creates different spatial worlds and life situations. Distance has taken on a new meaning in connection with the pandemic. A new reality has been created. Changes in the density and concentration of virus particles create new structures, new distances.

Distance or emptiness is the essence of the whole - the result is determined by density, or nothing between objects.

The whole is due to emptiness.

Lembe Ruben


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