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Into the deep. Mines of the Future

Zeppelin Museum, Germany 26.05.2023 – 05.11.2023

The mining of raw materials is becoming an increasing ecological, economic, political and social problem with global impacts. Extensive mining practices and the exploitation of ecological and social systems are causing one of the greatest environmental burdens of our time. Their consequences are often dramatically visible, yet the fight for resources continues, in new locations that sometimes seem utopian. The interdisciplinary exhibition Into the deep. Mines of the Future at the Zeppelin Museum looks critically at the metal aluminium, the so called “metal of flight”, a material tightly connected to the history of the city of Friedrichshafen, as well as the complex connections of Deep Sea and Deep Space Mining. Alongside the consequences of environmental destruction and colonialism, both results of constantly increasing extraction practices, the fully climate-neutral exhibition explores resistance and activism against the exploitation of people and the environment. Participating artists: Ignacio Acosta, Bureau d ’études, Armin Linke, Kristina Õllek and Bethany Rigby.


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