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Exhibition "The Art of Adapting"

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the opening of the exhibition The Art of Adapting on Thursday, 14 September at 6.30 pm in the Kadriorg Art Museum.

At the opening, at 7.30 pm, Johhan Rosenberg will present his site-specific performance “Adapting to 360°”. Rosenberg’s sculptural performance is rooted in the core of a myth. Before the audience’s eyes, the legends of Ovid’s Metamorphoses from the Kadriorg Palace ceiling painting will come to life.

The exhibition observes the approaches of contemporary artists to nature appreciation and the de-aestheticising of nature, rooted in ecological aesthetics and ecofeminism. The exhibition displays works by critical contemporary artists and works from the collections of the Art Museum of Estonia.

The exhibition will remain open until 3 March 2024.

Artists presenting works in the exhibition: Sophie Durand, Elo-Reet Järv, Sandra Kosorotova, Kärt Ojavee, Uku Sepsivart, Denisa Štefanigová, Paco Ulman, Kristina Õllek

Curators: Madli Ehasalu, Triin Metsla

Exhibition designer: Siim Karro

Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule

Coordinators: Kerttu Männiste, Aleksandra Murre, Laura Tahk

Educational programmes: Ilona Kroon, Eneli Raal, Berta Vahtra

Additional information:

Kadriorg Art Museum

Weizenbergi 37, 10127 Tallinn

Tue 10.00–18.00

Wed 10.00–20.00

Thu–Sun 10.00–18.00


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