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Exhibition “State of Abstraction”

ARS Project Space

09.12.2021 – 12.12.2021

From Thursday, December 9, the art exhibition “Abstract States” by 2nd year students of EAA Jewellery and Blacksmithing, Glass Art and Ceramics departments will be open at the ARS Project Space. The exhibition is up until December 12, 2021.

The exhibition, which explores a variety of mind-states, invites viewers to take part in a cognitive journey accompanied by impulses from the presence of sound, video and material propositions. “State of Abstraction” features 12 authors, whose works are linked only by the nuances of our time and some subtle cognitive dialogue. The focus is set on the authors' personally selected and uncurated points of interest - reflections on the indirect and often disregarded side notes of turbulent times.

Participating artists: Anna-Maria Vaino, Annika Luhaäär, Ardo Teesalu, Bianca Toots, Erko Lill, Ethel Ütsmüts, Hugo Toss, Kätriin Reinart, Margus Elizarov, Mari-Ann Maask, Maria Kim, Visa Nurmi

Graphic Design by Bianca Toots, Kätriin Reinart

Supervised by Sten Saarits

The exhibition is open for 4 days: 9 – 12 December 13:00 – 18:00.

Supported by Estonian Artists' Association, Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Design


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