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Camille Laurelli, Romain Sein – The Pile

Camille Laurelli, Romain Sein The Pile 8/12/2021–8/01/2022 We–Fr 17.00–20.00

From 8 December, LOW Gallery, Lāčplēša iela 78A, will present Camille Laurelli and Romain Sein's (FR) interactive exhibition The Pile.

The exhibition is based on both artists' long-term collaboration – their videogame The Pile. It follows the working principles of complex, almost unwinnable videogames* – the player controls several unpredictable objects which can be moved in space. The authors claim that the game is used to create piles of objects, but they also provide it as a platform for creating contemporary art exhibitions.

The Pile is the last in LOW Gallery's cycle of exhibitions that dealt with various questions related to the art ecosystem. The game environment and several of the digital objects inside it may resemble the gallery and the permanent exhibition within its walls – a collection of artist-made monumental objects from the group exhibition LOW MOON as well as this year's other exhibitions. The exhibition's trajectory may resonate with the themes from the cycle Latvju dada [Latvian Dada] from the gallery's podcast LOWkāsts as well as the publication 2 vēstneši [2 Heralds]. Viewers can use the game to create both future scenarios and piles of objects, or participate as observers.

*See games Surgeon Simulator or I Am Bread.

The digital doubles of the collection of works displayed in the exhibition were created by artist Alvis Misjuns, the exhibition is accompanied by a multi-lingual poem written by artist Margrieta Griestiņa.

The exhibition is supported by Nordic Culture Point and SCCF.

The exhibition The Pile is on view from 8 December to 8 January at LOW Gallery, Lāčplēša iela 78A, 1st floor, above the car wash. Opening hours: We–Fr 17.00–20.00. More information about LOW Gallery is available on .


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