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ARS Showroom #59: Lauri Lest “Legends of Vaskjala”

ARS Showroom gallery 2nd to 20th of May 2024 (Mon–Fri 12–18)

Exhibition opening on 7th of May at 18:00


“Legends of Vaskjala” is an installative fairy tale intertwining the legends of the Vaskjala bridge maiden, who dreamed of becoming the companion of the Moon, and the evil manor lord of Ussiaugu (Snake Hole), who, due to his evil deeds, was pursued by snakes everywhere. The installation also features an excerpt from Lauri's musical composition "Vaskjala Piece".

The installation was partly conceived during Lauri’s residency at the Copper Leg Art Residency in Vaskjala last November and Mari-Ann Remmel's book “Päritud paigad” (Inherited Places) has been instrumental in developing the work.


Lauri would like to thank the Copper Leg Art Residency, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Artists’ Associations!



Lauri Lest is a musician and sound and performance artist. As an artist, Lauri works with found objects, vibration speakers and sound and video editing software. His art can be described as melancholic, dreamy, experimental and sometimes humorous. He holds a degree in sculpture and installation from the Estonian Academy of Arts. As a musician he creates and plays atmospheric electronic music and has released two studio albums: ”Duality” (2020) and “Affect/Reflect” (2022). In 2021 he released a music video for his single “Moulded”.





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