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ARS Showroom #56: Sten Saarits "In Dialogue with Dissonance"

ARS Showroom Gallery 9.02.–1.03.2024

Mo–Fr 12–18

The opening of the exhibition is held on February 8th, 6PM

"In Dialogue with Dissonance" invites viewers to engage in a practice of dialogue with the art space, its surroundings, and the unpredictable qualities of sound. "In Dialogue with Dissonance" is an installation that integrates live on-site sound, digital algorithm-based manipulations, and flashing signs bearing incoherent directives for active participation. The exhibition challenges visitors to question meaning-making, modes of interaction, and embrace the unpredictability of an ever-changing space.

The sound composition for 9 audio channels and 1 low frequency emitter was developed on location as a reflection on the space. The composition is only based on automation lanes that direct live input signals through various digital signal processors, the raw sound from passing cars, the space itself, vibrations in the architecture, and feedback events picked up by different microphones are mostly unpredictable. Live sounds are picked up by specialized devices, including a geophone originally designed for seismic measurements and a coil-type microphone that renders electromagnetic fields audible.

Sten Saarits is an interdisciplinary artist who works mainly with time-based media. As an avid field recordist, his installation works often utilize sound compositions comprising spoken words and auditory signifiers, constructing participatory and animated environments. Saarits' practice commonly explores themes of overstimulation and cultural behavioral norms.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Artists’ Association.


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