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Download Halo 3 Xbox 360 Rom




you can also play the unreleased halo 2 with all campaign and multiplayer and you can use your live xbox games to play. c) Installation 1. Download the file from the link above and extract the files to the main halo 3 folder. 2. Find the main halo 3 folder in your hd and run the installation. 3. Start the game in windows and it will ask you to download the network adapter. 4. Download it from here ( link is in the zip file). 5. Install it with the installers you already have for your xbox live subscription. 6. Start the game and it will ask you to configure the network adapter. 7. Configure it like this. 8. Install network card drivers. 9. Uninstall the network card. 10. Exit halo and do not start the game. 11. Start the game and it should work. 12. Save your game and exit. 13. Play it. If this was too much work then you should get the retail disk with the game and try it there. A) Retail disk You can also use this disk to install the game on your harddisk and install the network adapter. B) Live XBox If you have live xbox you can install halo 3 on your live xbox with this disk. You have to install it through your xbox live console. You can find the exact guide here (broken link). You can also check other live xbox guides on the net. c) Uninstallation 1. Shutdown the game if it is running. 2. Go into the main halo 3 folder and run uninstall.bat. 3. Uninstall all halo 3 content. 4. Extract the files of the to another folder 5. Delete the main halo 3 folder. 6. Uninstall network card drivers if necessary. 7. Uninstall network card. 8. Delete the live xbox folders. 9. Delete the old and 10. Delete the bbcode folder. 11. Restart the xbox live. 12. Exit the live xbox and do not start the game. 13. Start the game and it will work. Uninstalled: - Halo 3



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Download Halo 3 Xbox 360 Rom

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