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Video art event “Spiral Bound” at Von Krahl Cinema

The Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) and Von Krahl Cinema invite you to the video art event “Spiral Bound” on 3 November at 20.00. The programme is developed by the curators Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė and Mikk Lahesalu.

Participating artists: Katrin Essenson, Wilhelm Groener, Stefan Landrock, Maria Kapajeva, Kai Kaljo, Laura Kuusk, Marge Monko, Fideelia-Signe Roots, Hanna Samoson and Mare Tralla.

The video works for the art event “Spiral Bound” have been compiled from the CCA’s archives on the basis of communicating different aspects of being on a journey, both literally and figuratively. They explore topics such as navigating through life, adaptation, resilience, acceptance and learning to say goodbye. The programme incorporates works with experimental audio-visual techniques and documentary style, many of which have seldom been shown to the public.

The curators approached the selection of the works from a personal and empathetic point of view, thinking of time as a spiral instead of a linear phenomenon. “In precarious times, one could wonder, has it ever been any different?” the curators ask, “Therefore, we chose to look into the archives searching for stories, that we as viewers could relate to, and hopefully find solace. We invite you to enjoy the absurd, the dreadful, the wonderful and the real.”

With the event “Spiral Bound” the CCA continues its mission of documenting art in Estonia, as well as conceptualising an audio-visual archive, established in the 1990s. Previously, Von Krahl Cinema has screened three events in the same series, “Audiovisual Compost”, “Nööri mööda” and “Silmale nähtamatu”.

Von Krahl Cinema was established with the understanding that the true life-force of culture often originates from its outer edges. By presenting art that does not follow the commercial mainstream, Krahl aims to promote and protect the legacy of a more experimental cinema.

Mikk Lahesalu (1999) is a contemporary art enthusiast, who is passionate about civil rights, accessibility and the environment. They graduated from the Art History department of Leiden University (BA Arts, Media and Society).

Eglė Agnė Benkunskytė (1995) is trying to become comfortable with an art historian label, which graduating from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a bachelor’s degree, permitted her to be. She has worked in a variety of art institutions in Lithuania and beyond, her latest venture being an assistant at CCA through the “Borderland Poetics” exchange programme, organised by the CCA, Icelandic Art Center and Rupert.

We thank: Elisabeth Staak, Nadya Tjuska and Emilija Vanagaitė. The event is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Nordisk Kulturkontakt and Tallinn City.


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