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“Saboteur” by Maarja Mäemets

On Tuesday, 27th of September at 18:00, Maarja Mäemets' personal exhibition „Sabotöör / Saboteur“ will be opened in Jakobi gallery. The exhibition will stay open until the 21st of October.

The focus of the exhibition is the artist’s hidden antagonist, a deliberate thwarter who criticises, subverts and judges. This cunning inner speech undermines one’s footing and in the worst case prevents one from dreaming and enjoying life to the fullest.

Skillfully set up fine sensitive traps need excellent swimming skills. There is continuous movement through major and minor obstacles, dead ends, repetitions and ambiguity in the hopes of reaching to the other side.

Eili Soon, Kaie Vakepea, Andra Jõgis and Rait Lõhmus contributed to the materialisation of the exhibition. Thank You!

Additional information:

Jakobi Gallery


Jakobi 52, Tartu

Tue–Fri 13.00–18.00


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