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Näitus „Uitruum“

ARS Art Factory Studio 53/98



On Thursday, 12th of October at 18:00, EKA Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery and Blacksmithing second year students open their collective art exhibition ‘Randomain’ at ARS Art Factory Studio 53/98.

The exhibition features artwork created in a contemporary art workshop, united by the common theme of “randomness.” The artists view random occurrences as a creative tool for questioning established patterns and identifying idea fixations.

By employing an exceptionally diverse range of artistic media, from video installations to ceramic sculptures, the exhibition invites viewers to wander through an uncurated creative environment and discover the appeal of the unpredictable. ‘Randomain’ is partially a continuation of the student exhibition ‘Randomness, where?’ that took place on the same premises in the spring of 2023.

Artists: Kaja Knowers, Johanna Hint, Merilyn Kasemets, Keily Kerem, Liisu Saar, Õnne Paulus, Anna-Liisa Villmann, Alice Kupri, Jekaterina Šehovtsova, Elisabet Kiverik, Elisabeth Tõnne, Lilian Maasik, Ronja-Marjam Vene, Karl Markus Gauk Graphic Design: Kaja Knowers Mentor: Sten Saarits

Supported by Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Artists’ Association


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