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Laura Põld “Translating and Co-labouring“

On the 26th of January at 6 PM, the opening of Laura Põld’s solo exhibition “Translating and Co-labouring” will be held at the Gallery (AV17). Laura Põld’s work combines disciplines such as sculpture, textiles, ceramics, video and photography. Her work explores the customs of the individual and society, various cultural rituals and their signs. In her work, Põld employs implementing traditional crafts and building techniques in ceramics and tufting, which interest her as the preservation of stories, memory and skills.

The exhibition “Translating and Co-labouring”, is a record of Põld’s most recent projects that are concerned recent projects that deal with the processes of mundane labour and handicraft, where the natural character of the matter acts and intra-acts with the maker. In this exhibition, the artist will reflect on the idea of the entanglement of people, animals, fibres and objects in the process of working with raw materials such as clay, wool, or plant fibre. I It is perceived not only through joint labour, but also through the old tradition of telling stories while working, recording and perpetuation of them in songs, writings, and also in works of art. In the silent dialogue and translating between the materials and the working hands, both freely formed and borrowed patterns from the Estonian folklore are allowed into the image-making and form-creating.

Laura Põld (b. 1984) studied ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA), painting at the University of Tartu (MA) and sculptural conceptions and ceramics at the University of Art and Design Linz (MA). Laura Põld has been awarded a number of prizes and scholarships such as the annual prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2014), Köler Prize Grand Prix (2016), the grand prize of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2018), the ISCP New York studio grant (2019) and the Claus Michaletz Preis (2021). The artist is currently based in Tallinn and Vienna.

Laura Põld‘s exhibition “Translating and Co-labouring” at the Gallery (AV17) will be open until 2nd of March

Additional information: AV17 Gallery Tel: +370 617 52272 Email: Totorių str. 5, 01121 Vilnius, Lithuania II–VI 12.00–19.00


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