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"GIRL'S PHALLACY" | Martina Georgina

"Girl’s Phallacy" is a solo performance in search to discharge some form of deep seated fantasy, knowing it can only be done at the expense of ridicule.

But ‘girl’ wants what you want, to be cool, to look like she knows what she is doing, to know how to keep up with the boys and their toys. The more you tell her she can’t, the more she will want to.

“...we co-parked, he told me what to do and I followed with obedience. And she was back in her dirty place. I turned the engine off then he told me to leave the keys in her ignition, but still my father could not resist warning me not to worry him by taking her out for a drive on my own. I laughed back, then I remembered the ‘little girl feeling’ again.”

Director and Performer MARTINA GEORGINA (MLT) Dramaturg IRA MELKONYAN (UKR) Lighting Designer HENRY KASCH (EST) Sound Designer MICHAELA KISLING (AUT) Scenographer KRISTEL ZIMMER (EST) Advisor JIMMY GRIMA (MLT)

Thank you Ana Sanchez-Colberg, Jüri Nael, Giacomo Veronesi, Keithy Kuuspu, Liisa Saaremäel, Kris Lemsalu, Marleen Suvi, Julia Camilleri, Michael Buhagiar, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Academy of Arts, Cultural Endowment of Estonia


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