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“Documented Points of View” by Taavi Talve

Join us for the opening of the solo show “Documented Points of View” by Taavi Talve on the 4th of October at 4 pm at EKA Gallery! The exhibition is open 04—15.10.2022

“Documented Points of View” consists of travel descriptions, diary entries and reportage snippets—observations from the subjective author’s position with the narrator’s gaze framing the landscapes. The narrator’s disembodied voice is creating a different kind of subjective time-space—fictive storytellers fragmented tale, retrospective autobiography, where the lines between the visual and imaginary are blurred.

Taavi Talve lives and works in Tallinn. He graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA in fine arts, 2008). Since 2005, Talve has been an active member of the artist group Johnson and Johnson, pursued a solo career and participated in various collaborations. His works in different media are characterized by neo-conceptualist institutional criticism, spatialization of data, a textual foundation and, to some extent, a melancholy fatalism. Talve’s recent works spring from an archivist’s impulse and connections between past events with the present. His works can be found in the collections of Tartu Art Museum, the Art Museum of Estonia and Ludwig Museum Budapest. He is currently the chair of Installation and Sculpture and associate professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Aditional information: EKA Gallery Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn 10412 Tue–Sun 12.00–18.00


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