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Caroline Pajusaar "Mutukad“

Gallery 8.–20.01.2024

Mo–Fr 12–18

Monday, 8th of January 2024, at 18:00 o’clock opens Caroline Pajusaar's exhibition „Mutukad“ at GÜ gallery.

„Mutukad“ is a story about physical and psychological changes in a failed evolutionary process. Insects thrive for superiority, mutilating themselves and other bugs to improve their chances of survival in the food chain. However, the repeating mutilation causes inevitable errors in their development process, creating an unsalvageable situation where the insect rebuilds itself endlessly. Over time, the original bug disappears and the once simple insect is barely recognizable, soulless, and has lost its place in nature.

This project explores the possibilities of dissection of the body and the physical and psychological stages of metamorphosis. Presented characters are: flies, moths, ladybugs, grasshoppers, earwigs, and other crunchy bugs. The narrative delves into the potentials of evolution, self-destruction, and mutation of species. Curiosity towards the change of the insects' recognizable features. Departing from what the bug once was and in how many new ways it is possible to recreate, evolve, regress, operate, and analyze them while simultaneously documenting the process.


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