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ARS Showroom #57: Sandra Sirp "Presence in Motion"

ARS Showroom Gallery 5.–29.03.2024

Mo–Fr 12–18

The opening of the exhibition is held on March 7th, 4PM

Painting series Painting series Presence in Motion reflects time, change, motion and presence. The process where the surface of the painting is achieved by layering white paint on a black base, is a practice of presence and course in the forever changing moment. The paintings which are based on repetitions create a united experience with the horizontally ongoing flow of cars behind the gallery windows, symbolizing passing thoughts and emotions.

Sandra Sirp (b 1988) expresses herself through a minimalistic geometrical visual language, through emptiness and space, where the slow creative process is an important part of the work. Sirp has graduated Art Education BA at Tallinn University (2012), Media Graphics BA at the Estonian Academy of Arts (2017) and studied painting in University of Porto Department of Fine Arts (2015/2016). She is currently studying Art Education MA at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University. Since 2023 Sirp is a member of Estonian Painters Association.

The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Artists’ Association.


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